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The Prince of Wales Farnborough

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“He was a wise man who invented beer.”


Resident Beers 

Ringwood Forty Ninera golden, full bodied malted premium ale, you might think the number refers to the ABV level of 4.9. You’d be wrong. It’s named after the 1849 Gold Rush.

Young’s Bitter this ale has been brewed in the UK for more than 175 years and is a firm favourite at the Prince of Wales. It’s not true that some of our customers watched the first one being pulled…

Hopback Summer Lightninga straw coloured beer with a terrific fresh, hoppy aroma. The original summer beer brewed all year round.

London Pride still brewed on the banks of the Thames this ale is much loved for its malty base and rich balance of hop flavours

Dark Star Hophead this is a great ale with strong floral aromas. Full bodied yet clean on the palette, it is always popular with the regulars

Session Ale 

Our session ale is changed regularly but is always great value and selected for those who want to linger and still touch their nose at the end of the evening...

Guest Ales

In addition to our resident beers we always have four guest ales for you to choose from. But, because they change regularly, the only way to find out what is on the pumps this week is to visit.

                   “Beer: so much more than just a breakfast drink.”                  

                                                                      Homer Simpson